what is vencha?

Vencha is a film making and photographic company founded by Aaron Middleton.  

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you and everyone else with amazing memories, whilst creating awesome memories of our own. 

We have started out providing cinematic and photographic services to events and many other areas.

However, we plan on making an abundance of awesome studio content including: short films, vlog's, documentaries and many more. 

Our services

We provide Videography and Photography services to both Commercial and Events. However, our main focus is Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography at the moment

a word from our founder, aaron Middleton

I plan on making this company unique. I have many vision's and goals for Vencha and it does not just include film and photography. I want Vencha to come in many shapes and sizes. The future is bright for Vencha and there is certainly a lot more to come. So keep an eye out...