Abide Brand - Photography for website

Now this is something special to talk about.

One of my mates Dan, has started his own clothing brand called "Abide". Their launch will be coming shortly and I must say its pretty exciting! I love the reason behind the brand as well as the community and lifestyle it represents. They are a Christian community, filled with amazing people which most I have met through surfing. I respect their views and there way of life, and my understanding of where the name "Abide" comes from there beliefs in Christ.


There is great energy and support behind this brand, as well as good reasons and beliefs for doing it. This is why I think they will do well, or achieve what they set out to achieve I should say. I wouldnt say they are in it for money, but more to provide a service.


Their range so far, consists of hats and shirts. I am not sure if they will expand to other products however, I am sure they will expand the catalog of shirts and hats. What they have now is certainly more than good enough!


So, look forward for great things to come from this awesome group of people!

If you are curios, Dan in the man in the white shirt. 
P.s they already have an awesome Instagram page, check it out! Its call Abide Culture!

Also, check out out latest wedding video below!