Vencha Studios First Blog Post

Sitting here contemplating how many people are going to actually read this and I have come to a conclusion. None. Well maybe a handful of close family, but that would just be them scouring my site to find spelling mistakes. So just to fustreight them.

Anyways, I am pretty stoked to have launched my company and even more stoked to actually have bookings and clients already. I have 2 wedding bookings, one for Photography and one for Videography. They are both still awhile away, but as I have gained my deposits, it makes this dream feel more like reality now. I know that when they came it will be like a snow ball effect and right now I am just trying my best to prepare for that.

So if anyone other than family actually reads this, I welcome you aboard my train and hope to provide with great enjoyment and happiness. Better yet, I hope to some day provide you with my services.