Kate & Ryan // Country Style Wedding Video // Kingaroy Queensland

Before I say anything, I just have to mention how happy I am that I got to film at such a stunning venue. The whole setup was just awesome, so colorful and and unique. Everyone did and amazing job at putting this wedding together. 

I am very happy with the way this wedding video came out, I love how much green there was and all the beautiful flowers laid out everywhere. It was just fantastic. As a videographer I don't think you can ask for a better setting. 

Congrats to Ryan and Kate as well, what an awesome couple. Such lovely and respectful people. I got the opportunity to spend 2 days with them and it was only good vibes to be had. Everyone was so genuine and the hospitality was very welcoming. 

I met Kate and Ryan through here site Holly Templeman who I was very close friends with in high school. Holly is just a one of a kind lady and I appreciate that she put me through to them. 

So again, I thank Ryan and Kate for this lovely experience and I hope you all enjoy their wedding video as much as I do!

Kind Regards, Aaron

Abide Brand - Photography for website

Now this is something special to talk about.

One of my mates Dan, has started his own clothing brand called "Abide". Their launch will be coming shortly and I must say its pretty exciting! I love the reason behind the brand as well as the community and lifestyle it represents. They are a Christian community, filled with amazing people which most I have met through surfing. I respect their views and there way of life, and my understanding of where the name "Abide" comes from there beliefs in Christ.


There is great energy and support behind this brand, as well as good reasons and beliefs for doing it. This is why I think they will do well, or achieve what they set out to achieve I should say. I wouldnt say they are in it for money, but more to provide a service.


Their range so far, consists of hats and shirts. I am not sure if they will expand to other products however, I am sure they will expand the catalog of shirts and hats. What they have now is certainly more than good enough!


So, look forward for great things to come from this awesome group of people!

If you are curios, Dan in the man in the white shirt. 
P.s they already have an awesome Instagram page, check it out! Its call Abide Culture!

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Nathan & Jo Wedding Video // Novotel Twin Waters // Sunshine Coast

Wow! Wow!! WOW!!!!

All I have to say is that this was such a lovely experience. Nathan and Jo are such wonderful people and their wedding day was amazing. There was light showers and we had to move the ceremony undercover, however that did not stop such a wonderful day. The energy in the air was wonderful and full of Joy. Everyone had big smiles on their faces, especially the bride and groom.


We hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it!
Congrats to such a wonderful couple and we wish you the best in your future together!

The Byrnes Family Video Sunshine Coast

I know Ruth from working at my part time job as nigh fill staff at the IGA in Bli Bli. She is a lovely lady and I thought I would offer her a nice family film along with a couple of photos.


It turned out to be such a wonderful afternoon on the Sunshine Coast. With beautiful warm colors and lovely warm weather. I really enjoyed taking photos and proving my video services to them. Especially there young daughter. She was too cute. 


It was such a lovely experience getting to see the love this young family has for each other. It always feels great being able to give people memories that last a life time and to be able to see the smiles on their faces when they see the finished products.


Even though the main area of work we do is Documentary Wedding videos and films, these adventures into different areas are very exciting and we look forward to experiencing more!


Hope you guys enjoy! Head to our "How to hire us" page at the top for more enquires.

Also why not check out our latest Wedding Video below at Novotel Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast below

Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film

As you may have guessed already after reading my last post, which was done like 2 minutes ago. This is also to help boost my SEO. However, on this post I will literally just focus on that. So no bother reading on!


Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film
Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film
Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film
Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film
Sunshine Coast Wedding Videography/Cinematography/Film


Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

I will just come out and say it, because you will figure it out anyways. This Blog post is most certainly being made to boost me SEO. So let's quickly get that out the way. 

Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography
Sunshine Coast Wedding Photography

There, lets move on. Currently my Photography service for a wedding is only in September. However, I am obviously working on getting more by then, but as you may have gathered. Woman are very organised and plan things this important many months or years in advance. So I guess the weddings I'm targeting within the next few months are people who thought they wouldn't need a professional photographer, and I will do my best to prove them otherwise. For now though, I'm still working in night fill at my local IGA to pay the bills and such. As I have just got my new 10-18mm wide angle lens, I will be trying to make my way into Real Estate photography for extra cash, but more about that in another post...


Vencha Studios First Blog Post

Sitting here contemplating how many people are going to actually read this and I have come to a conclusion. None. Well maybe a handful of close family, but that would just be them scouring my site to find spelling mistakes. So just to fustreight them.

Anyways, I am pretty stoked to have launched my company and even more stoked to actually have bookings and clients already. I have 2 wedding bookings, one for Photography and one for Videography. They are both still awhile away, but as I have gained my deposits, it makes this dream feel more like reality now. I know that when they came it will be like a snow ball effect and right now I am just trying my best to prepare for that.

So if anyone other than family actually reads this, I welcome you aboard my train and hope to provide with great enjoyment and happiness. Better yet, I hope to some day provide you with my services.